Fintiko Romano Forum - The National Roma Forum of Finland

Fintiko Romano Forum – The National Roma Forum of Finland (FRF) was established in 2007 at the national meeting of the Finnish Roma organizations.

The purpose of FRF as an umbrella organization is to promote and monitor the realization of the Roma people’s basic and civil rights according to the Finnish law and other international legislative documents concerning human rights, social, economic and minority rights. FRF works against all kinds of racism, anti-gypsisim and discrimination. FRF promotes Roma culture and Romani language, Roma people’s social integration, participation in public life and decision making.

As a national organization FRF is central federation of the Roma organizations in Finland and voices out its member organizations’ as their common voice both on the national and international level. FRF is also a country memner of the European Roma and Traveller Forum (ERTF) which works in connection with Council of Europe. FRF chooses democratically Finland’s representative and deputy representative in ERTF Assembly among the member organizations’ candidates for the period of four years.

FRF aims to

Improve empowerment, participation and networking abilities of Roma organizations

Supporting social integration and social inclusion of the Roma

Participating in the national and international promotion of human rights and equality

promoting pluralism and intercultural dialogue

FRF functions as its member organizations’ common representative for example in different municipal and governmental working groups and advisory boards, FRF takes initiatives, gives statements and participates in different hearings on issues related to renewal and ratification of international treaties.